Case Study: How This 1 Page Roofing Website Turns 25.49% Of Visitors Into A Lead

It seems like these days everyone is trying to over-complicate everything they do.

You see it in complex workout programs, technology, and fancy websites.

Sometimes we forget that the best and most effective way can be the simple way.

The same goes for your roofing website.

After designing hundreds of websites for roofing companies and other businesses, I finally found something that just plain out works.

And it's dead simple.

It's just 1 page.

I created a 1 page "mini website" for my roofing company that consistently makes 1 out 4 people that go to it pick up the phone and call us.

If 1,000 people visit the page per month, we get 250 leads.

In this case study, I'll show you how I did it and how you can get the same results.

Let's get started.

The 1 Page Lead-Generating Powerhouse

The web page I'm about to show you helped my roofing company grow from $40,000/month to over $180,000/month within 5 months. It's designed to make a homeowner feel the urge to call us or get a quote before they call any other roofing company.

Click on the image below, look around, and then come back to this page.

Roofing Website Design Example

You may have noticed that the page doesn't have any links to any other pages. You only have three options when you're on it.

1.   Call the phone number

2.   Fill out the form

3.   Exit out of the page

The limited options are all on purpose.

I wanted to "focus" the homeowner and remove any distractions. While they're focused on the page, they're reading and understanding the benefits, like the free estimate  within 24 hours and the 50 year warranty.

99% of roofing companies talk about how long they've been in business and the history of the company right on the front page.

There's nothing wrong with that, but you have to remember something.

Everyone is thinking "What's in it for me?"

By having the page "speak" to the homeowner's problems and concerns, we can keep their attention longer and gain their trust.

If you have their attention and trust, you can get their business.

Talk about the benefits, not about yourself.

Not everyone is going to read every last word on the page.

For that reason, I broke everything up into headlines and small chunks. This makes the site easier to read and skim.

Notice the "Our Simple 3 Step Process" list?

It's short and straight to the point. They know exactly what they're going to get.

No surprises.

Get a professional spokesperson video for $85

Even though the spokesperson video on the page looks like it cost thousands, in all honesty, it was only $85.

That's right, just $85 to have a professional actor read a script and record the video using professional studio camera equipment.

Want to get a similar video for your website?

Just send me an email at and I'll put you in touch with my guy.

Make it easy for the homeowner to reach you

The other reason why this page works so well, is that the phone number can be found in 6 different places.

No matter where they are on the page, the phone number is easy to find.

Same for the contact form. It's the first thing you see when the page loads, and the Contact Us button half way down the page brings you straight back.

When you give the homeowner a couple ways of reaching you, your chances increase significantly that they'll turn into a lead. I  recommend having a contact form on every page.

Keep it simple and straight to the point

Even though I could have talked about the different kinds of roofs we do, I decided to leave it out. That way - if they have a specific question - they reach out to us and ask.

We can then turn them into an appointment right over the phone.

Ask for as few details as possible

This one is a big one.

It's been proven in multiple tests that the more fields and boxes you add to a contact form, the less people will fill it out. It's best to keep it simple and ask for the basics, then just get the rest of the information over the phone.

Cutting down a form from 7 fields to 3 can improve your completion rate by over 50%.

Build trust and credibility

Having the homeowner trust you is a huge advantage.

But how can you accomplish that?

Include testimonials or logos of big brands that you've done work for.

When a homeowner sees that we've done work for  Papa John's and Holiday Inn, they subconsciously make a connection between 1st Impressions Roofing and big house-hold names.

This trust and credibility goes a long way when it comes to turning a stranger to your roofing company into a satisfied customer.

In summary...

Simple works.

There's no need to complicate things. Just reverse engineer what's working and make it your own.

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About Max Reznich

In November of 2015, Max and a partner started a roofing company in Baltimore. Max's goal was to create a system that would generate a consistent stream of quality roof replacement leads directly from Google.

After some trial and error, the system began to work and the business took off. The roofing company went from $0 to $180,000/month within 5 months. The system got the nickname Roof Engine, and is now freely shared and available to the roofing community.

Max's vision is to revolutionize how roofing contractors generate leads and grow their roofing companies. His #1 goal is to help 1,000 roofing contractors double the size of their business by January 1st, 2019.

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